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Reliable Video Camera Inspections for Sewer Lines in Greenville

Sewer Line

New technology is popping up everywhere, including in the plumbing business. Specialists such as Greenville’s Dr. Flush Inc. are enlisting the help of video camera sewer line inspection to diagnose sewage problems deep underneath your home. These diagnostic tools are waterproof and can fit down pipes that are as narrow as two inches in diameter or as wide as 36 inches. The video camera rests atop a highly flexible rod that can navigate through the turns of your piping and return images that reveal the condition of your plumbing. Problems are detected easily, and the sewer inspection has even been known to locate lost valuables and even small animals that have become trapped.

We Find Corrosion, Cracks, Root Intrusion & More

Obviously, saving the life of a beloved pet or a stray animal is a major benefit to this diagnostic tool, but there are other advantages to having your sewer inspection conducted in this manner. The video camera records the information in real time while the technician guides it further down the piping. This enables him or her to spot exactly what may be a problem and where that issue is. This saves you money in the long run as the damage and solution are determined accurately. The camera can also alert the technician to myriad problems with your pipes, including:

  • Breakage
  • Corrosion
  • Cracks or punctures
  • Misalignment
  • Root intrusion

With this data, your repairs come that much quicker and easier, and you can keep the photos for your insurance claim.

Also Serving Spartanburg & Anderson

Dr. Flush Inc. uses this technology in Greenville to diagnose sewage problems. We also help Spartanburg and Anderson residents. You may reach us at 864-295-0232 to discuss whether you need a video inspection, and we are happy to help you with your septic tank replacement as well.