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Installing Septic Systems for Greenville Homes

Septic Tank

A septic system design includes a drain field, a leach field and a septic field. It isn’t just about the septic tank. Yes, septic tanks play an important role, but septic system installation includes leaching and drainage as well. Dr. Flush Inc. in Greenville specializes in septic system design and septic tank installation. We can provide new and existing homes with wastewater management. If you have an existing wastewater tank that is giving you trouble, we can also perform a septic tank replacement on your property while keeping your undamaged drain and leach line intact.

Choose From Anaerobic, Hybrid, Filter and More

When considering your design, it’s important to review the various septic system types. They are:

  • Anaerobic – Raw sewage is flushed to the tank, and bacteria consume any organic waste. Non-volatile matter is safe to seep into the ground through the drainage.
  • Aerobic/Aeration – Bacteria uses oxygen to break down the organic matter into carbon dioxide. Aerobic bacteria are stronger against household chemicals than anaerobic bacteria.
  • Filter/Media – A media filter made from coconut fiber, peat moss, sand mounds or other material separates the hazardous waste from the non-volatile compounds.
  • Hybrid – This design uses a combination of the above. For example, a common setup is to have an initial anaerobic treatment that trickles down to a media filtration.

The ideal removal and filtration process for you will depend on many factors, including the size of your household. We can help you determine what best suits your needs.

Also Serving Spartanburg and Anderson

Whether you are looking for an entirely new way to manage your wastewater or you just need one of your existing components replaced, Dr. Flush Inc. is here to help Greenville, Spartanburg and Anderson residents with their sewage needs. We also dispatch technicians for emergency septic cleaning, so please call us today at 864-295-0232.