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Get Emergency Septic Service in Greenville


There is nothing worse than coming home to a sewage backup in your kitchen and bathroom. If you notice a foul odor outside near your septic tank or along your leach field, you may also have sewage seeping into your ground. Either of these scenarios, your system alarm sounding or an increase in the nitrate levels of your well water, requires emergency septic service by Dr. Flush Inc. in Greenville to avoid the need for additional disaster relief. And if you do have cause for disaster relief due to a natural occurrence, we can help with that, too.

The wastewater removal process from your home is complex, and there are many parts that can break down and clog or create other problems. Problem areas in your system could include your tank, the grease traps and the sewage ejector tank. If your soakaway clogs, which is basically your drainage system into the ground, you’ll also have an issue with sewage backup. If you notice your drains are running slower than usual or making strange sounds, or if your toilet flow has reduced, you may be on the cusp of a serious problem that will require immediate help.

Do You Have a Sewage Backup? Call Right Away.

In some cases, our technician will be able to pump your tank and your problem will be solved. In other cases, you might be facing some needed repairs or replacements to part of or your entire system. Either way, we can help you, and if you schedule regular maintenance, you’ll likely avoid an emergency situation altogether. Our technicians will inspect your wastewater disposal for any potential problems while they perform a thorough cleaning.

Serving Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Oconee, Pickens, and Laurens Counties

Dr. Flush Inc. is here to address Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Oconee, Pickens, and Laurens County wastewater disposal needs. We are a septic company that takes pride in our work, and we can answer your call day or night at 864-295-0232. Let us help prevent you from having a sewage disaster.