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Entertaining Guests This Summer? Take Care of Your Septic Tank

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Summer is a time when many people have visiting relatives and friends come to stay at their home. During this time, there are often feasts and backyard barbecues. This all sounds like fun, but sometimes it can be disruptive for your septic tank. Knowing how to take care of your septic tank even when guests are around can help you take care of your property. 
Put Up Signs About Proper Flushing Habits
While some things can be flushed into the tank, some things cannot be flushed. Really, the only things that should be flushed down the toilet are human waste, water, and toilet paper. Anything else belongs in the trash can.
Some of your guests may be in the habit of flushing other things down their pipes, including tampons, baby wipes, and diapers. These items all biodegrade very slowly and are likely to cause a clog in the tank.  
Before your guests arrive, put up little sign around your toilet to remind them that you have a septic tank, and only human waste and toilet paper should be flushed into the system. Put out a little trash can next to your toilet to encourage guests to use it. If you normally keep disposable wipes in your bathroom, then hide them for the time being to prevent them from being used and flushed away. 
Don't Wash Food Down the Drain
As soon as you start having backyard barbecues, you may find yourself doing a lot of dishes and washing a lot of dirty water down the drain. Take care to ensure that the water you flush down the drain is free from large bits of food. Big chunks of food contribute to the buildup of solid waste in the bottom of the tank. If the food isn't removed properly, then they can cause your tank to back up. 
Insist on doing the dishes yourself or with other members of your family. People who don't have a septic tank might not be aware of the problems that food flushed down the drain can create.
Schedule Showers and Laundry at Different Times
When water floods the septic system, any of the solid pieces at the bottom of the tank can get stirred up. These solids can easily find their way into the drain field. This can cause a backup, and repairs for this problem can be expensive.
You can prevent water from flooding the system by scheduling showers and loads of laundry at different times of the day. Assign some of your guests to take showers in the morning, and others to take showers in the evening. Do your laundry mid-day when no showers are taking place. Setting a schedule ensures that water usage is kept at a constant, manageable level throughout the day. 
Get a Checkup If Your Septic Tank Is Acting Strangely
If your septic tank starts acting strangely, then have your tank serviced by a septic tank professional. Watch for problems like slow drains, gurgling noises in the pipes, and swampy standing water in the yard. The odor of raw sewage may accompany the swampy standing water in the yard. These are all signs of a septic tank backup. Pay attention to these signs because they could be the precursor to a total septic system failure. 
Contact a reputable septic tank professional in your area. Your septic tank may need to be pumped or repaired.
At Dr. Flush, we're happy to answer your questions about your septic tank. Our team can also provide repair and replacement services, as well as pump your tank if necessary. Call us today for more information. We look forward to working with you.